About Us

As avid mariners, it became apparent that nothing was available on the market to support the yachting fraternity in terms of a lightweight, portable and comfortable seat or bed. This was particularly relevant to our time spent on racing yachts and catamarans. As an aging sailor, I was getting tired of resting or sleeping on sail bags and other uncomfortable places that one can only seem to find on racing yachts.

In brainstorming a solution, we thought that bean bags would be the answer, given their portability and light weight. Unfortunately, after a period of testing it became evident that those bags available on the market, including those purportedly “waterproof” bags were either not strong enough or when wet became internally water logged and hard to dry with result of mold, associated damp smells and eventual rotting.

Not to be discouraged, we decided to design a beanbag that would specifically suit marine conditions with our objective not only for use on racing yachts and catamarans but also as something that would suit general aquatic use. After several years of trialing various materials, threads and zippers we finally settled on a bag that we had tested on the deck of a Sydney to Hobart yacht over a three-year period. This bag was subject to continual UV rays, saltwater dunking and general hard wear. The bag was manufactured utilizing a commercial grade UV rated polyethylene knitted material, the main advantage being the UV resistance and also being totally porous which was one of our main design criteria. The crew found that when one used the bag to relax on in the water when not racing or if it was completely submerged by waves whilst on the deck it could quickly be hung by its handle allowing the beans to drip dry in the sun. Other bags we had noted on the market promoted the use of micro beads for added comfort, however, after testing we found micro beads extremely difficult to drain and dry. We recommend for our marine bags circular beads of 8-10mm which provide maximum drying capacity whilst still providing a high level of comfort. These beads are readily available in most Australian supermarkets and hardware stores.

In terms of our second criteria relating to strength and durability we settled on high quality marine UV rated Dabond thread and commercial grade YKK marine zippers. Our objective was to give the bag strength to survive with lengthy periods of outdoor use and exposure.

We are now very pleased with our signature teardrop aqua beanbag and hope that it brings you many seasons of outdoor fun and relaxation.